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Safety, Quality, Insurance


Safety isn’t just a policy, it’s an attitude that guides DMT Business Group’s operations in the office, in the shop, and in the field. Safety comes first on every project, before productivity, quality, timeliness, and budget because without safety, none of those goals are met. We create a culture where speaking up about safety concerns is encouraged so that we can resolve issues quickly and effectively. We refuse to compromise the safety of our teams and our sites, and we share that responsibility across our organization. So if delays and costs happen because of making operations and sites safer, we’re prepared to take on those costs.


Quality is crucial when it comes to achieving our values of accuracy, security, and excellence, which is why our Quality Control program includes continual performance checks and testing throughout every stage of a project. Our goal isn’t to just meet the requirements but to complete the work to the highest possible quality. Our program includes testing and inspection as well as documentation and reporting. Part of our ability to continually achieve a high quality of work includes being versatile and adopting our clients’ quality programs where required.

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