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Take a Look at Our Professional Portfolio

From HVAC systems installations and repair to complete building automation, DMT Business Group is available for all of your project management needs in Lethbridge and across Alberta. Our full-service construction department ensures complete mechanical and industrial fabrication and maintenance services for your facility. We take pride in our attention to detail in the work we do. Browse our professional portfolio below and reach out to us for your upcoming project.

Boiler Upgrade


A white conveyor belt in a factory

Dust Collection

MBP-9000_Hockey Style Conveyor

MBP-9000_Hockey Style Conveyor


MPU-1011_Radius Conveyor

MTP 1000_Telescopic Conveyor


Pneumatice Conveyance

Rendering Auger

A view of a rendering auger unit

Sidehill Screen and Auger Fab Install

A sidehill screen and auger unit


SS Tank

Stainless Process Stack

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