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Dedicated Mechanical and Industrial Contracting in Lethbridge

Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, DMT Business Group offers full turnkey solutions and mechanical fabrication services to commercial, industrial and institutional clients. The company’s origins date back to 1975 with LJ Mechanical before merging with DMT Mechanical in 1993. We have grown to have a mechanical and industrial division that offers a variety of services ranging from project management, construction management, industrial and mechanical fabrication, equipment installation, plant maintenance and complete building automation. Today, we are a full-service construction and fabrication company offering our high-quality, cost-effective services across Alberta. Through our relationships with key trade contractors and suppliers, we are able to be a one-stop-shop for our clients in offering comprehensive commercial and industrial solutions, including plumbing, gas-fitting, steam, custom fabrication, and pipe fabrication. If you are a business owner running a plant, trust us to get the project done expertly.

We are fully committed to client satisfaction and ensure strict safety protocols and quality control. Our professional staff is experienced, approachable and will be by your side throughout the duration of a project. Our values can be summed up in the following points:

Engineer working in factory using tablet computer to check maintenance of boiler water pipe


With our experience in both industrial and mechanical fields, our clients can feel secure knowing that their project is in safe hands. We go above and beyond to make sure your project is a success.


From building key relationships to paying great attention to detail, we strive for excellence and high standards in all of our professional commitments.


Because every project is different and requires a variety of skills, we have built versatility into our business by expanding into industrial fabrication, offering our clients diverse options depending on their needs.


We make educated and definitive decisions on your site while maintaining strong communication and transparency. We leave no room for uncertainty and ensure that the project runs smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.


DMT Business Group has built meaningful and strong relationships within our industry to align and integrate our values with our professional collaborators. This ensures that our clients receive dependable and effective services.


From overall project management to meticulous planning, we pay attention to details. We make efforts to understand all the key areas of work that are required for a contract to be executed expertly and meet our client’s expectations.

Quality control

Quality is crucial when it comes to achieving our values of accuracy, security, and excellence, which is why our quality control program includes continual performance checks and testing throughout every stage of a project. Our goal isn’t just to meet the requirements but to complete the work to the highest possible quality. Our program includes testing and inspection as well as documentation and reporting. Part of our ability to continually achieve a high quality of work includes being versatile and adapting our clients’ quality programs where required.

Why Choose Us?

DMT Business Group puts people first. The safety of our team and the satisfaction of our customers, trade partners and suppliers is a top priority for us. We pay special attention to having the right people in our team, whether it’s in the office, shop or field. Our strategic partnership with like-minded individuals from the industry such as trade contractors and suppliers allows us to provide top-quality turnkey solutions. 

Hands-on leadership, transparency and accountability through trust have enabled us to maintain a healthy roster of repeat clients. We take on projects from start to finish and do not end our commitment until the project is successfully executed. If we are required to take on additional roles to assist in the completion of a contract, we are here to take on the challenge. Our entire team is approachable and is always available to follow up on a project. Through our experience and capable team of professionals, we develop creative solutions to keep a challenging project on track. Reach out to us for any commercial or industrial contracts that may need to be fulfilled.

About Our Team

DMT Business Group is a private Canadian company that employs 100 people and successfully manages large-scale and small-scale contracts through the hands-on approach of our leadership team. We utilize our reliable network of trades, suppliers, engineers and architects to deliver solutions to diverse problems. Our team is always accessible and available to troubleshoot and solve issues as they occur to keep a project running smoothly and efficiently. 

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